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“Join us for three days of immersion into the heavenly realm with a practical, wholistic approach in the Tacoma area. The focus is small group, relationally focused interaction for transformation.

We will be doing “life” together – making food, cleaning up, eating, exercising, meditating, ascending, learning together in a safe, fun environment. We’ve found that this is the atmosphere where changes take place and a pathway of implementing them into your lifestyle is forged.

The teachings will be tailored to the group and its needs, but may include: Seeing in the Spirit, Courts of Heaven, Ascending Basics, Mandate for Ekklesia groups, Scrolls, Walking as Mature Sons, Exploring the Next Age and more.

This will be balanced by practical applications to HOW we can walk out our life in the Spirit – “

Immersion Retreat

(Tacoma Area)

Thu Feb 6, 2020
Mon Feb 10, 2020

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